Uses For Milk Jugs

When you have little ones in the house, it is super easy to find yourself throwing away tons of milk jugs every month. While we are avid recyclers, these aren’t always accepted at our local recycling center so we have had to come up with some other Uses For Milk Jugs so we aren’t just tossing them into the garbage all the time.

Uses For Milk Jugs


Turn into planters. Cut the top part off and use the bottom as a great easy planter for starting vegetable plants to put into your garden. This is also a great way to transplant a flower from your garden to a pot.

Use as funnels. Cut in half and use the part with the spout as a funnel for all sorts of projects. Great for pouring bulk foods like beans or flour into smaller containers, or even using when you change the oil in your car.

Make a bird feeder. Cut openings on the sides and fill with birdseed. You can simply sit this on your back deck, or hang from a tree or awning.

Repurpose for other drinks. Clean your milk jugs well and use for mixing juice, punch or even flavor waters and teas.

Pet food scoop. Cut side off into a scoop shape and put into dog food bins for easy scoop to refill their food bowls each day.

Fill with water and freeze to create ice pack. When using a cooler for a picnic or other outing, you can fill an empty milk jug with water and freeze to create a nice giant ice pack. Put 2-3 into your cooler to keep foods around them cold and provide yourself with drinking water as it melts.

Rather than throw away your milk jugs once empty, put them to use in your home, garden or garage. These uses for milk jugs are just a few that come to mind. They make great scoops, containers and organizers throughout our home.

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  • 06.30.18 Susan Emery

    I have used milk jugs for other things and a couple of the ideas you’ve shared. I really like them. TY

  • 06.30.18 Susan Emery

    I use milk jugs for a lot of things an a couple you have shared. Thank you for sharing!